PPoPP 2016
Sat 12 - Wed 16 March 2016 Barcelona, Spain

The following papers were accepted, subject to shepherding:

  1. A High-Performance Parallel Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Ramakrishnan Kannan; Grey Ballard; Haesun Park
  2. [Accepted Artifacts] A Wait-Free Queue as Fast as Fetch-and-Add Chaoran Yang; John Mellor-Crummey
  3. Adding Approximate Counters Guy L. Steele Jr.; Jean-Baptiste Tristan
  4. Articulation point guided Redundancy Elimination for Betweenness Centrality Lei Wang; Fan Yang; Liangji Zhuang; Huiming Cui; Fang Lu; Xiaobing Feng
  5. [Accepted Artifacts] Autogen: Automatic Discovery of Cache-Oblivious Parallel Recursive Algorithms for Solving Dynamic Programs Charles Bachmeier; Rezaul A. Chowdhury; Pramod Ganapathi; Bradley C. Kuszmaul; Charles E. Leiserson; Armando Solar-Lezama; Yuan Tang; Jesmin Jahan Tithi
  6. [Accepted Artifacts] Be My Guest - MCS Lock Now Welcomes Guests Tianzheng Wang; Milind M. Chabbi; Hideaki Kimura
  7. Benchmarking weak memory models Carl G. Ritson; Scott Owens
  8. Causal Consistency: Beyond Memory Matthieu Perrin; Achour Mostefaoui; Claude Jard
  9. Coarse Grain Parallelization of Deep Neural Networks Marc Gonzalez Tallada
  10. Contention-Conscious, Locality-Preserving Locks Milind Chabbi; John Mellor-Crummey
  11. [Accepted Artifacts] Declarative coordination of graph-based parallel programs Flavio Cruz; Seth Copen Goldstein; Ricardo Rocha
  12. Distributed Halide Tyler Denniston; Shoaib Kamil; Saman Amarasinghe
  13. [Accepted Artifacts] DomLock: A New Multi-Granularity Locking Technique for Hierarchies Saurabh Kalikar; Rupesh Nasre
  14. [Accepted Artifacts] Drinking from Both Glasses: Combining Pessimistic and Optimistic Tracking of Cross-Thread Dependences Man Cao; Minjia Zhang; Aritra Sengupta; Michael D. Bond
  15. ESTIMA: Extrapolating ScalabiliTy of In-Memory Applications Georgios Chatzopoulos; Aleksandar Dragojevic; Rachid Guerraoui
  16. Exploiting Accelerators for Efficient High Dimensional Similarity Search Sandeep R Agrawal; Christopher M Dee; Alvin R Lebeck
  17. GPU Multisplit Saman Ashkiani; Andrew A. Davidson; Ulrich Meyer; John D. Owens
  18. Grain Graphs : OpenMP Performance Analysis Made Easy Ananya Muddukrishna; Peter A. Jonsson; Artur Podobas; Mats Brorsson
  19. [Accepted Artifacts] Gunrock: A High-Performance Graph Processing Library on the GPU Yangzihao Wang; Andrew Davidson; Yuechao Pan; Yuduo Wu; Andy Riffel; John D. Owens
  20. High Performance Model Based Image Reconstruction Xiao Wang; Amit Sabne; Sherman Kisner; Anand Raghunathan; Charles Bouman; Samuel Midkiff
  21. [Accepted Artifacts] Keep Calm and React with Foresight: Strategies for Low-Latency and Energy-Efficient Elastic Stream Processing Tiziano De Matteis; Gabriele Mencagli
  22. Lease/Release: Architectural Support for Scaling Contended Data Structures Syed Kamran Haider; Dan Alistarh
  23. [Accepted Artifacts] Multi-Core On-The-Fly SCC Decomposition Vincent Bloemen; Alfons Laarman; Jaco van de Pol
  24. [Accepted Artifacts] Optimistic Concurrency with OPTIK Guerraoui Rachid; Trigonakis Vasileios
  25. Parallel Type-checking with Haskell using Saturating LVars and Stream Generators Omer S Agacan; Peter Fogg; Sam Tobin-Hochstadt; Ryan R Newton
  26. [Accepted Artifacts] Production-guided Concurrency Debugging Nuno Machado; Brandon Lucia; Luis Rodrigues
  27. Refined Transactional Lock Elision Dave Dice; Alex Kogan; Yossi Lev
  28. [Accepted Artifacts] The Virtues of Conflict: Analysing Modern Concurrency Ganesh Narayanswamy; Saurabh Joshi; Daniel Kroening
  29. Work Stealing for Interactive Services to Meet Target Latency Jing Li; Sameh Elnikety; Yuxiong He; Kunal Agrawal; Angelina Lee; Kathryn S McKinley; Chenyang Lu

[Accepted Artifacts] = Papers with accepted Artifacts. See the Artifacts Evaluation page for details.